Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well come on in and take a load off..

First of all I have to say I don't like the term 'blog.' To me it sounds like onomatopoeia or a fake word. But I do like the idea of putting my opinions that I pretty much have on everything out there for those who I can only assume have enough of a misguided fascination to mull over. Next I must defend my decision to choose pink/violet/rose as my background color. In early high school most girls of my ilk (sporty, sassy and somewhat driven) started to reject pink because it was a sign of girly-girliness which could imply weakness, flightiness or lack of conviction. Years later those same girls often start to reject the idea of cooking for similar reasons. Well I'm Spartacus. Purple is my favorite color, I often wear pink and just between you and me, I can cook. Sometimes I even enjoy it. I like boys, flowers, shopping and even a good cry now and then but that doesn't mean I don't kick ass. Welcome to my blog.