Monday, January 31, 2011

Utah Republicans Unleashed....

For some reason I can't embed, but this was too good to pass up...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The New Years post

I figure since its still January I am still permitted to do a New Years post. It's been no secret that '08 and '09 have really done me no favors. And because even-numbered years seem to be my most challenging (read euphemism for $#*tty) years I was bracing for a rough ride in 2010. Not so. It was actually pretty good. I...

- Discovered the joy of backyard garden parties
- Had the best surprise birthday party of my life
- Had the best donut
- Went to Disneyland (It was the thought)
- Went on a carnival ride for the first time in a decade (again, it was the thought)
- Had the longest streak of no broken nails ever
- Started a new job
- Didn't kill one plant and in fact made a tropical flower bloom
- Went on a staycation
- Got engaged
- Discovered the gas-saving convenience of public transportation
- Didn't have any car trouble or phone trouble
- Got some fun gadgets i.e. a Canon D5000 SLR, iPad (through my job)

.....That all being said I can't help but wonder if in this new decade the trend is going to shift to my good years being even now and my rough years odd. If so, it's off to a slow start. Because so far in 2011 I've....

- Lost 4 lbs
- Won a free wedding cake
- Had an awesome birthday party
- Vanquished an evil roommate and had Tanya move in, making our roommate situation about as blissful as it gets and by blissful I mean the Real World only with all girls, but no grudges.
- Made steps to be more fiscally responsible
- Hated Zumba less (hip-hop is way better)
- Engaged in another few months of girl's nights watching "The Bachelor"
- Spent five days with my long-time bestie
- Started a long awaited ballroom dancing class

So who knows. Maybe the new trend will be that there is no trend. I'm on the edge of my seat....

Monday, January 24, 2011

Woah woah woah

Hold the H up. I was looking for a solid news story that has explanation to this whole Zodiac change business. Near as I can tell (nutshell) is that a shift in the earth's axis or "wobble," in the last 3,000 years has created a new sign under the Zodiac thereby pushing back the former zodiac dates. But the new sign only applies to those born after 2009. There is a lot of other explanations out there but this one seemed to be the most pervasive. I'm not sure if that is entirely correct and I could have looked into it a little bit more. It's just that frankly it doesn't really mean that much to me since I don't live and die by my horoscope. And even if I did, good luck telling me I am not a Capricorn.

But that's not the point. As I was sniffing around trying to find some answers while trying to avoid all the hysteria I ran across this blog comment that said "This sucks! now I am just a boring normal Capricorn."

OK. Yeah, as Caps we may generally have our crap together. We are driven, ambitious, generally more practical than most and are not ruled by are emotions. We can seem aloof, tend to be realists, fall into the "boring" trap of saving money, and we don't fall in love at the drop of a hat. But damn. We are far from boring.

We may be reliable but we are also the loyalist of the signs as long as you don't piss us off (and sometimes even then). We may appear "straight-laced" but we deliver "splendor beneath the sheets." We may be no-nonsense but we posses "effortless beauty." We may not get a wild hair on a vacation and go streaking on the beach at midnight but chances are we probably own the beach house. We may work a lot, but only because "mediocrity is not an option." We may not be obsessed with love but when we find it we know its worth.

Still think we are boring? Please tell that to Katie Couric, JD Salinger, Mary J. Blige, Martin Luther King, Denzel Washington, Matt Lauer, Dolly Parton, JR Tolkin and Anthony Hopkins.

This blog post is dedicated to Latanya, Emmie, Paul, Nick, Brent and Junior H.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It was a good day

This actually happened a few weeks ago. I would have shared earlier, but when I was having brunch with Courtney and Jen a while ago, and I told them of my discovery, it was met with Courtney staring at me blankly saying "Is this really happening? Did you just really show us this?" Well whatever, she was just CLEARLY jealous that she did not find the BIGGEST CLAM EVER in a bowl of Zupas Clam Chowder. I am no longer allowed to eat it per my new agreement/contract with my body that it won't continue to layer adipose tissue on my thighs if I give up chowder and just about everything I love. It drives a hard bargain, always has. Nonetheless I challenge you to find a bigger piece of clam in a chowder found in Salt Lake. You find the clam and I'll give you 20 clams. Haha I kill me.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I hate you, I love you

I HHHAAAATTTTEEEEE winter. ESPECIALLY post-holidays because that very thin silver lining is completely spent the day after New Years. Now it's just going to be three months of crap - my skin in freaking out and dry, I am cold at least 50 percent of the the time, the sky is dark, the air is bad, colds, flus, a bestie of mine slips and falls on my porch on a patch of ice that I have salted a million times....I can go on forever.

But since my new years resolution is to be more positive and optimistic, and somewhat abandon the Capricorn realist in me, I am going to grit my teeth and do my best.

1. Pomegranates are in season
2. Christmas - lights, candy, presents, lots of time off
3. I get to wear all my winter furry boots
4. Scarves
5. Tax returns
6. Snow - as in it's pretty when it is falling and everything seems quiet
7. The cold makes urban campfires that much more cozy
8. It's kind of the season of soup, and I like soup
9. I always find a new appreciation for my warm bed, Alejandro
10. It means spring is next