Saturday, August 4, 2012

31 years with my big little broham...

Sure...... as kids I made him eat ants, put him in play "jail" when he misbehaved and we had multiple life threatening brawls where blood was drawn, glass was shattered, scars were made and things were broken. He would set things on fire, I would put them out. He performed surgeries on my barbies, I left nail marks on him still visible to this day. He's hit on my friends, I've dated his. He's been rude to my boyfriends and I've bullied his girlfriends. He left a dent in the side of my first car, I've aired his most embarrassing moments for all to see.


You can bet he stood up for me on that Nevada playground when those little bastards called me fat, and I defended him when those boys from his fifth grade class were about to beat him up for who knows what (but I am sure it was something for which he was indeed guilty.) We've built forts, formed clubs, wrote and performed plays (though he ruined most of them) and literally danced and sang high school.....on a stage... in front of hundreds of people. (Not our finest moments)  He's been there from the beginning and will always be my big little brother - even though he's been saying that he is older than me in "God's way" since he was five, I've never been clear on what that means.

(How does it feel to be 31?)