Friday, February 29, 2008

The Man Cold

I have never seen a more true-to-life portrayal of man-sniffles in my life. IN MY LIFE!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Have a nice trip

It has taken four years, but I have done it. I figured out a way to survive the legislature a.k.a. 45 days of bad parking, incessant annoyance and mind-boggling condescension. The session can sometimes be intimidating as it is annoying. You have legislators hating you, blue coats and green coats threatening to have you arrested and a thousand meetings to attend. What's more there is ample supply of the pompous, the snooty, the self-important and entitlement complexes abound. But Thursday, Feb. 7, at around 11:35 p.m. I discovered a way to take the edge off. On the second floor of the capitol on the north side there is a stairwell next to the Senate chamber and is the main one that is used to get from the galleries to the Senate and House floors. (The stairs have a thick lip on them and an awkward landing) I was waiting for a senator to come meet me and was mingling near the stairwell. In the 10 minutes I was there I saw not two, not three, but four people trip, fall or stumble both going up or coming down. There was an annoying lobbyist who took a pretty large fall, an intern with stilettos who fell going up and actually drop some papers, a UHP trooper who let out an expletive and a Trib reporter. It was a fantastic spectacle, a real must see. It was like watching know if you just hold out a little longer there is going to be a crash...Or like watching gymnastics...don't lie to yourself. You think that last thing you want to see is some leotard junky clothesline themselves on the parallel bars or one of the guys bag themselves on the pommel horse, but deep down that is what keeps you tuned in. Those stairs are a living reminder that we are indeed all just people walking around and regardless of rank or title, based on simple statistics there is a good chance you are going to biff it on those stairs at one point or another. I plan on watching don't judge. Join in. Before it is all said and done I am hoping to see something like this....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wild Wild West

This song has haunted me for years and my best friend Angelina sent me this the other day to remind me of it. Its not just the song itself. Back in college Ange, who can out eat anyone I know and still has abs of steel, would get hungry around 3 a.m. Apparently she would get lonely too. On a number of occasions I would wake up to that song blaring in my room. She would use it as a snack alarm to wake me up and once the small seizure that was induced from getting ripped out of a REM cycle was over I would open my eyes to see her standing there with the light on and holding a box of cereal and a few bowls. With 'living in the WILD WILD WEST screaming from the speakers. It wasn't only used for cold cereal hour but as a morning alarm as well. Not that we were really waking up to go to class that year...we mostly watched MTV, did dance work out videos and drove around in her station wagon. Oh those were the days, and that song is tied to some of the most vivid memories of my freshman year of college.