Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or ......

I'm no clothing prude. In fact there were a few summers in college where I barely wore clothes, save it be undies and a blanket or sheet. I skinny dip whenever possible and probably wear swimming suits more than I should. So I have never been one to judge those who seek escape from clothing confinements. But Halloween just puts me over the edge. Since when did it become Slutoween. I mean why does every costume for girls have to be trampish - a sexy cop, slutty nurse, a hoochie zombie, sexy Disney character etc. And somehow, no matter what the outfit is, fishnet stockings or thigh highs are always worked in. It's not the sexiness of the costumes that I take issue with, rather the lack of creativity. I mean basically a skimpy negligée, mixed with cleavage, stilettos and a hat, ears, or horns, is a costume. As ladies, is that the extent of our creativity? Anyway Whoraween is something that I have been mildly annoyed with for years – I say mildly because for me it's is one of those "eh" holidays like Columbus Day or Arbor day. But this year 2fresh made me so proud that I almost felt ashamed that I opted out of Trampoween festivities.

How did she come up with it? Well she liked noodles. That's the long and the short of it. A quick trip to Michaels and an afternoon with markers, yarn and styrofoam produced the best, most creative costume I have seen. She showed up to the party late and didn't win the costume contest, outraging a number of party goers. But she made me again believe in female Halloween creativity. She even did it without the fishnets.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The power of PhotoShop

.....whats wrong with this picture


I only had two brothers in the United States when this was taken......

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I don't.....I can't.....

Imagine you talking to a friend. You don't know them very well but the more you talk to them the more you realize they get you, get life, get how it is. They are so down to earth, and so painfully real that it's staggering. You still don't know much about them but you sit there listening and talking because even though you don't know where this is going, you feel like there is a chance that you will come out of it enlightened and inspired because of how profound they are. Things go great and as they stand up to say goodbye, walking to the door the friend takes their fist and puts it through the wall. You stand their horrified, trying to figure out what happened, what went wrong. Why?? But then the friend looks at you, apologizes, takes out a drywall kit, messily patches the wall, apologizes again and walks out the door. You are left standing there thinking 'what the hell' and you wonder how you just sat there for hours with the same person that just destroyed your entry way. That's how I felt when reading One Day. Even so, I'm gonna see the movie, whenever it comes back to the dollar seats.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This month is off to a kick A start because....

My plant, Gloria, is thriving in the wild. She's really gonna make it.

I got to have Cold Stone Coffee Lovers Signature Sunday. Fuhgget about it.

Random Bagpipe player outside the downtown Farmer's Market. I don't know why but it really made my day. Maybe because my broham is in Scotland.

Fall workouts have made me fall in love all over again with the most comfortable cross trainers I've ever had.

I got flowers and chocolates from my life partner just because. Marriage doesn't suck.

Absolutely love it. I hadn't been for a long time until last Saturday but it was all I remembered and more.