Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas magic

I was dreading this Christmas without having the baby brother there to make it magical by dragging me out of bed in the morning with the baffling enthusiasm of a soccer mom at a scrapbook expo. But it actually turned out alright. We got to talk to the boy for three hours, then eat obscene amounts of food and sleep like infants, whenever and wherever we wanted. Then of course there was the after Christmas shopping, the movies and getting told off a few times a day from Miss Sassy Pants, who grows cuter every Christmas. All good stuff…..

Could you ask for more? 

Well I did. 

I also wanted to get all A's in my classes this semester and it wasn't looking like it until this popped up this morning from the class to which I was bracing for a B.

 By the skin of my teeth. Huzzah.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Better than a Christmas card from the Erickson sibs.....

....much better than the children Von Trapp.

I would have killed to have done this in real life. Not that Trevor could ever soft shoe on a copier, or on solid ground for that matter.... or that Jarad would ever even attempt a shuffle step-ball change. But this is almost as good as what coulda' been....compliments of my SIL Jess.