Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A PSA.........Your Welcome

If you leave six eggs in shallow water, boiling on the stove and then go into your room and start watching Seinfeld, and then get sidetracked by a call from a good friend that you haven't talked to for a while, and then subsequently ignore a mysterious unpleasant smell wafting into your room... a few things may or may not happen. 1) All but two of the eggs will blow up and it will sound like someone is firing a gun in your house. 2) After the explosions start, it's probably not a good idea to come near the stove because there will be harmful flying debris. 3) Those who are within a 15 feet radius will get egg in their hair. 4) Your roommate's boyfriend will come flying downstairs ready to take down an intruder with a gun. 5) You will be cleaning egg off of ceilings and vaulted ceilings alike for a week. 6) Your roommates, and all others involved, will put a moratorium on you cooking in your own kitchen, and you may or may not be ridiculed forever.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Session Memories

There are times when I really miss being a reporter - the action, the camaraderie, the writing etc. But then I came across this picture which was probably just a few weeks shy of two years ago. This was how fellow reporter Erin and I chose to spend a brief lunch hour after a particularly grueling morning late in the 45 days of hell also known as the Legislature. Luckily I lived near the Capitol so we went straight from the Senate gallery to the bed. The only thing I really remember about that nap is how badly I didn't want to get up..and Erin standing there, seven months pregnant coaxing me out of bed, back into the heels, back into the freezing and inversion-wrought air and back to the endless meetings and mind numbing debates. A bended knee to those valiant few who remain in the race. You're of strong matter. Good game.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last words from the Samsungs

So I was on T-mobile.com the other day, something I try to avoid since international calls on a whim have wreaked havoc on my phone bill, and I ran across a little time capsule. I have been a loyal T-mobile customer since 2001 - a fact, I am told when I call them, that they appreciate. And I, in turn, appreciate that acknowledgment so much that it is one of my top reasons for not switching services. So anyway I went to this button that said "my album" and all these random pictures came up that were taken from phones past (I have probably been through like 10 phones in the last five years thanks to shallow pockets, washing machines and boyfriends). Apparently some of the pictures taken with my phones were sent to this album, and they brought back a lot of fond memories. Okay maybe not fond but pleasant. If you are some of the people in these photos that would object to having them posted despite how funny it is, be a good sport....I think you know who you are...

A house dress that was a gift from a family member who apparently thought a) I wore housedresses and b) thought I weighed 582 lbs. They probably could have fit yet another person in there. Thanks for modeling Court, Jen

The plant I kept alive the longest - bought it back in '04...it only died because I kept it outside during the winter of '07

My mom chillin on the patio after I first moved into my house

My purple room in the condo. My want-to-have-a-purple-princess-room phase hit a little late.

If I recall correctly I was supposed to be flying to Atlanta and I took a large dose of Dramamine before I went to the airport, but then opted to take a later flight since it was over-sold. Nonetheless the pills kicked in and I was out. I think Courtney, who brought me back from the airport, wanted to document my "erroneous drug use." But excuuuuussse me for not wanting to be conscious for the five hours I am forced to breath someone else's air. Plus I stick to my assertion that 7 out of 10 airplane cabins have a faint and subtle smell of poo.

Dinner with Doug and the girls somewhere.

No comment

The San Antonio Riverwalk on my first business trip/honeymoon with myself

Baby brother before he lost his baby fat and became a bean pole

Ange and I at Dee's after clubbin back in the day. We would probably break a hip now....holla

Loa back when he was popped collar cool