Friday, November 30, 2007

Reindeer Games

I tasted Christmas today. It smacked of subtle peppermint and cookie dough and was in the form of a star-shaped treat with a drizzle of pink frosting, compliments of Wendy's mom. It was tasty. And like a ground-hog seeing his shadow (umm, or not seeing the shadow, I can't exactly remember how that works) I can predict from that morsel of goodness that it is going to be a good Christmas season, a Christmassy Christmas season and I am going to make no apologies for what will be profound indulgence. Some Decembers in my life have come and gone with out consequence, being distinguished only by one morning in which my brother rips me out of bed at an ungodly hour to open some gifts. But not this year. My house is going to be lit up like a Vegas strip club, there will be holiday sweets and hot cocoa on hand at all times for visitors anndddd.... I may or may not invest in a holiday sweater. And not the tasteful kind, but the kind that look as though one of Santa's elves vomited on your chest — bows, trees, bells the whole works. Joy to the world.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble Gobble...

It's Thanksgiving and I am sitting at the cops desk at the newspaper. But don't cry for me Argentina. I basically volunteered but it is all part of my rebellion against the institution of Thanksgiving. My problem with the holiday however, is not that it marks the beginning of a near genocide of America's indigenous. It's what actually takes place on that day that bugs...a meal of gargantuine proportions with food that is suppose to be "so good," and then an afternoon of football, for the men, while the women clean up. Well first of all Thanksgiving food leaves a lot to be desired. Consider this: if turkey, yams, canned cranberries, and stuffing is soooo good why don't people eat it all year-round. Why don't they have restaurants that serve all-things Thanksgiving? It's because the food is not that good but because it is "Thanksgiving food" it gets the obligatory oooohhs and aaaahhs. And I don't like anything that's obligatory. And pie? Who eats pie? I mean really, aside from Thanksgiving day when do you crave a healthy piece of spiced pumpkin. Really. Moreover, football games dominate a sizable portion of the day and football already has a designated day...its called the Superbowl. And I am fairly certain the pilgrims weren't running plays on the gridiron with the Native Americans. So really there is nothing about the day that really celebrates the actual Thanksgiving and when you think about it, we are celebrating the Native Americans helping and teaching the settlers to survive and grow food...celebrating the friendship and unity between the natives and the whites......and then they slaughtered them....but hey "thanks for bringing the corn!"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Othello Syndrome"

This started out as a class project but became a haunting work that tells a tale of love, betrayal, mistrust, pain and mind boggling talent. The music video was created and produced by some good friends of mine. If you actually know them it's an even bigger kick in the pants but either way its good time. And yes, the song was actually written and performed by these guys. Got skill? These guys got it in spades and if you want more go to Check it out..

Monday, November 5, 2007


Well it's no lie. I hate baby pictures. It happens to are sitting there minding your own business and without warning you hear the high-pitched "look at this picture of my new nephew!" Or "this is my new Grand-baby...isn't he soooo cute?" Cute? Well if you like pink, wrinkled, sleeping blobs that resemble old men then, ya, sooooo cute.
One time, a few years back, I had a co-worker I didn't even know that well who gave me monthly photos of her two kids. I would walk in and she would say "oh I have something for you." Me being me, my heart would skip for a second because in my mind the default surprise is always candy. But no. It was a picture of Sam and Ginger, or whatever the hell their names were ( I don't think I even knew at the time.)
Well now I am eating humble pie and a bit conflicted. I now have a new niece, Kennedy. The first and VERY long-awaited grandchild of the family. And while I have never been fond of children and have yet to meet this one because she is in Atlanta, I am insatiable for pictures of her. I constantly find myself having to hold back showing her picture to everyone who passes by my desk. But I couldn't bear the reluctant obligatory nod of approval that I have insincerely given to the throngs of baby pictures stuffed in my face over the years. But now I understand uncontrollable urge to share. Even so, you are safe. I will only post this one for now, but know that I have many more that I will gladly show you would like. If not, no offense taken. I get it.