Monday, November 5, 2007


Well it's no lie. I hate baby pictures. It happens to are sitting there minding your own business and without warning you hear the high-pitched "look at this picture of my new nephew!" Or "this is my new Grand-baby...isn't he soooo cute?" Cute? Well if you like pink, wrinkled, sleeping blobs that resemble old men then, ya, sooooo cute.
One time, a few years back, I had a co-worker I didn't even know that well who gave me monthly photos of her two kids. I would walk in and she would say "oh I have something for you." Me being me, my heart would skip for a second because in my mind the default surprise is always candy. But no. It was a picture of Sam and Ginger, or whatever the hell their names were ( I don't think I even knew at the time.)
Well now I am eating humble pie and a bit conflicted. I now have a new niece, Kennedy. The first and VERY long-awaited grandchild of the family. And while I have never been fond of children and have yet to meet this one because she is in Atlanta, I am insatiable for pictures of her. I constantly find myself having to hold back showing her picture to everyone who passes by my desk. But I couldn't bear the reluctant obligatory nod of approval that I have insincerely given to the throngs of baby pictures stuffed in my face over the years. But now I understand uncontrollable urge to share. Even so, you are safe. I will only post this one for now, but know that I have many more that I will gladly show you would like. If not, no offense taken. I get it.


Joe said...

You didn't show me the picture. But then, I'm dead to you. Oh yeah, and I never come to work.

But that's probably because I'm that co-worker who used to give you the updated photos of my kids every 3.5 days.

Still, cute niece.

amelia said...

I hope you feel the same way about your niece as you do my kid. And yes, I too hate the old-man prune look of babies. But they are so tiny...that makes them cute!

doug said...

Finally, Aunt Tiffany will learn to love the little ones the way I have always known she was capable of!

And then, she and I can FINALLY reproduce! :)

And hey - did Amelia just refer to "my kid"? What did I miss?

Ted & Amanda said...

Finally, you have to express feelings of love! You have a heart, who knew?? Keep posting pictures because, I'm one of those that have thrown pictures at you all these years and I want the same done to me :). She's really cute and has great color!