Thursday, January 27, 2011

The New Years post

I figure since its still January I am still permitted to do a New Years post. It's been no secret that '08 and '09 have really done me no favors. And because even-numbered years seem to be my most challenging (read euphemism for $#*tty) years I was bracing for a rough ride in 2010. Not so. It was actually pretty good. I...

- Discovered the joy of backyard garden parties
- Had the best surprise birthday party of my life
- Had the best donut
- Went to Disneyland (It was the thought)
- Went on a carnival ride for the first time in a decade (again, it was the thought)
- Had the longest streak of no broken nails ever
- Started a new job
- Didn't kill one plant and in fact made a tropical flower bloom
- Went on a staycation
- Got engaged
- Discovered the gas-saving convenience of public transportation
- Didn't have any car trouble or phone trouble
- Got some fun gadgets i.e. a Canon D5000 SLR, iPad (through my job)

.....That all being said I can't help but wonder if in this new decade the trend is going to shift to my good years being even now and my rough years odd. If so, it's off to a slow start. Because so far in 2011 I've....

- Lost 4 lbs
- Won a free wedding cake
- Had an awesome birthday party
- Vanquished an evil roommate and had Tanya move in, making our roommate situation about as blissful as it gets and by blissful I mean the Real World only with all girls, but no grudges.
- Made steps to be more fiscally responsible
- Hated Zumba less (hip-hop is way better)
- Engaged in another few months of girl's nights watching "The Bachelor"
- Spent five days with my long-time bestie
- Started a long awaited ballroom dancing class

So who knows. Maybe the new trend will be that there is no trend. I'm on the edge of my seat....

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amelia said...

More Bachelor nights please HURRAY!