Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I hate you, I love you

I HHHAAAATTTTEEEEE winter. ESPECIALLY post-holidays because that very thin silver lining is completely spent the day after New Years. Now it's just going to be three months of crap - my skin in freaking out and dry, I am cold at least 50 percent of the the time, the sky is dark, the air is bad, colds, flus, a bestie of mine slips and falls on my porch on a patch of ice that I have salted a million times....I can go on forever.

But since my new years resolution is to be more positive and optimistic, and somewhat abandon the Capricorn realist in me, I am going to grit my teeth and do my best.

1. Pomegranates are in season
2. Christmas - lights, candy, presents, lots of time off
3. I get to wear all my winter furry boots
4. Scarves
5. Tax returns
6. Snow - as in it's pretty when it is falling and everything seems quiet
7. The cold makes urban campfires that much more cozy
8. It's kind of the season of soup, and I like soup
9. I always find a new appreciation for my warm bed, Alejandro
10. It means spring is next


Tracy said...

I need to do fact...I am copy catting you. Be warm, be well, don't fall. :)

amelia said...

Post holidays is the most depressing time to me...ugh. Soup, scarfs and boots help.

PrincessAnna said...

Has my lawyer contacted you yet? He said not to discuss the details, just wondering if he did or not...

:) I love that J got you pearls. SOOO sweet. And he is so talented too. Happy to see two wonderful people find each other.

Love you.

neeyah said...

I love treats from my beautiful friends...that's on my list...thanks for the goodies, when are you going to be home, I'm walking over!