Saturday, August 25, 2007

Curled toes and other woes

I am back from all my vacations folks. I am done until dare I say December. The first week back from the beach brought with it some high highs and even lower lows. The good news is that I got to fly a plane this week. It was so much fun and when I wasn't clenching my butt cheeks, curling my toes, forgetting to breath or peeing a little I was giggling with glee and not dying. Like a lot of people I have never been in love with heights so looking about 1,000 feet down with nothing but an inch thick door separating you from your seat and a free fall to a certain death wasn't the easiest thing to deal with, especially when your instructor makes you fly the plane. "Ok Tiffany now head to that peak and when you get over that tower turn a sharp right"..."oh when you turn the plane wants to go down so pull the nose up a bit...pull up!" "Ooh look at that house with a pool." My knuckles were white the whole time and when we were landing I thought I was going to hurl from anxiety but it was a huge rush. Awesome experience.
As for the bad news. My dearest friend, co-worker and lover Doug is moving to D.C. and his last day of work was yesterday. Doug is truly one of a kind and irreplaceable and there will be a big hole in my life when he leaves because I love him and his little bubble butt to death. He is quirky, kind, hilarious, smart, my favorite snuggle, a true wordsmith (despite a number of disagreements over the phonetic pronunciation of "FYI) and one of the most thoughtful considerate people I know. I'll miss you Dougy-digs.


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I still need to read your plane flying story! I love the Doug tribute :)

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P.S. I hope I'm a lover!