Monday, May 11, 2009


So I get it. Everyone just LOVES this book. And I can see why. But not because it's a great book, rather the true story it conveys is admirable. I really commend Greg Mortenson for building all those schools for girls in Afghanistan. I think it's great how he got so many people to come together and work for greater good. But I just really couldn't get past his lack of logistical prowess. Ummm how do you not see that you are going to need a way to get building materials to one of the most rural communities on Earth located on the top of the world.... like maybe....a bridge? I was baffled by the fact that it wasn't until he got there, with building materials all loaded up, that it dawned on him that there could be a problem. And what about the fact that he used a typewriter to pen hundreds of sponsorship letters because a computer was completely foreign to him. Ummm, computers were alive and well, even in the early 90s. I remember, I was there. Also, I may not be a relationship expert but when you have a girlfriend and you leave for 3+ months, how can you a) just forget to call her and at least let her know you are alive, and b) be surprised that she is done with you when you get back. Just a few head-scratchers that bugged me. Nonetheless, you're a great guy Greg. Go ahead with your bad self.


Lo said...

Now I'm laughing. Good points.
Love you, Tiff.

amelia said...

You kind of want to kick Greg Mortenson in the balls at certain parts, don't you?

Jacelle said...

yes, so badly.

doug said...

I've never heard of this guy, this book, or this Afghanistan.

OK, I've heard of Afghanistan.

Tracy said...

Loved your very reasonable, completely logical observations on his complete lack of end to end planning...what he needed was to put together a project plan...o.k. my total Project Manager geekiness just showed didn't it? LOL :)