Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The obligatory New Year's post

My first day of the New Year I went to Prom. Ok not really a prom but a formal ball that felt exactly like the small town prom I went to back in the day. A nice boy from up the street asked me to go, girls were freaking out about dresses, I spent a good portion of the night trying to keep my cleavage in check and we even took prom-like pictures. What that means for my new year I don't know, but I supposed it's off to a good start. It is now over a week into the New Year and I am yet to post anything about my New Years resolutions, outlooks, experiences of the past year etc. And you know what? I ain't gonna. The last two New Years were spent willing the following year to be good. In 2008 I was dead set that I was going the break the curse of having bad even-numbered years. Total failure. And 2009 I was sure was going to be an EXCELLENT year because I believed I had it coming after the veritable hell that was 2008. But after losing my job and fighting off head lice for 4 months, which I got from a small Tongan village child who latched on to me and never let go after a gave her some candy, I realized that the power of positive thinking was doing me no favors. So though I am bracing for the "Even-years' curse" to bite me in the butt, or at the very least nibble my bum, this year, I am just going to hope for the best but abandon any expectations based on positive thinking or feelings of entitlement. I plan to just take things as they come, laugh a lot, drink eight glasses a day and do my best to stay away from cops. Happy New Year.


Marisela said...

And I'm gonna be sure to constantly be your annonying reminder that this WILL BE YET ONE OF YOUR BEST YEARS.. And when I win come Dec 31,2010 you owe me SUSHI...LOL cuz I remember remember that sistah dear! smile ova's on your page.. IF I lose which I won't hahaha I owe you two double dates w/whomever you choose.. remember the pack anytime, anywhere for anything oVA'S ur gurl.. payce see ya tonight

Lo said...

Oh Lord. Lice. I remember that from the girls' first year in day care. Nothing scares me more than that word now.
I've been both a bad blogger and a bad follower. But I love you and wish you a great year. And, of yeah, I'm back. I think.