Friday, February 4, 2011

"Ah know, but ah luvem daddy!"

I am sick with one gnarly cold. Nothing new for this glorious winter of super-viruses, but today I had only the energy to watch a Teen Mom 2 marathon. I am obsessed with that show - no idea why. Maybe because raw stupidity is entertaining. Maybe because the small town hair-dos and poor grammar takes me back to my years in high school living in Idaho, or maybe, when I am feeling down in the dumps, it's a reminder that it can always get worse. Who knows. But here are some take-aways from today's six-hour marathon.

- Lip studs only look like mutant moles. No exception
- Chewing tobacco is beyond sick and I am baffled that people still do it.
- When teens chew tobacco it makes me sad. Then angry. Then sad again.
- If your hair is curly, but you straighten a bang or two in the front.... we can still see it's curly. And if you meant to do that, well, then that just makes me sad...again.
- If you are going to cry on network television, make sure you don't cry ugly.
- If they established "You can't change him" classes for girls in high school, it would sidestep a lot of laughable stupidity. Then again, the "wrap it up" class obviously didn't do that much good so...
- If you send douchy text messages or say douchy things, they are going to look at least 4.25 times more douchy on network television. Maybe show some restraint.


amelia said...

I am totally addicted to this show. Are Jo's parents (Kailyn) Poly? They are the only parents in the history of the entire "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" franchise to make consistently smart decisions for their child, child's baby mama and their grandchild.

The Hafoka Family said...

Tiff! I just love your blog! We need to come see you, it's been way too long. I heard your engaged, Congratulations! Oh Teen Mom's!!

Tracy said...

You have a knack. I love this post and I agree with it...especially the part about the lip studs, really any face stud mostly just looks like a black, nasty matter who you are...sorry kids...not sexy. ;)

jules said...

We share the same interest in watching this primitive activity on network television... But im gonna have to go bedils on you and say i that it's a little too much for me sometimes
"so how were your friends, honey??"
"they're alright, kinda shallow.."

WendyL said...

I don't know why I can't turn away from this show...but every time it is on (which is really any time the TV is on) I have to watch.

I never know how to feel about these girls...but it definitely tears at the heart strings in more ways than one.

And then again, I figure if they can do it, why the hell am I not doing it?! (can you tell I'm having issues)