Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goodbye old friend, for now..

For the past two days I've been roused to consciousness around 7 a.m, despite the fact that I've gone to bed post 1 p.m. Being spoiled with blackout blinds for a few years makes even muted morning rays hard to get used to. My muscles are yet to completely recover from the move and I have limited clothes to wear because I can't bring myself to tackle the beast of unpacking anything that doesn't reside on a hanger. But after spending over two hours in a luxurious massive bath tub, going on a jog on the nearby scenic river path and having an entire fridge and kitchen to myself, instead of just a few shelves and cupboards, I have decided I could get used to couples condo life, for a little while anyway.

I have moved around my whole life, and the time I spent on Argyle, after buying the place five years ago, was the longest I have ever stayed in one spot in my life. It was there I first learned the hard way that a house has a thing called an air filter and it needs to be changed every few months. It was there I felt so empowered when I fixed a leak and learned about pilot lights and sprinkler systems. My originally "black" thumb started showing hints of green and I learned that garage door openers don't grease themselves, vinegar removes hard water and that RoundUp is the next best thing since the lawn mower. I think it was there that I really became an adult and realized that "yeah, I can wear these big girl pants."

So during the 24-hour span when a new girl decided she had to have my room and J and I got the green light to lease the new condo for a year (yes that all happened together) I may have had a panic attack. Or two. I mean, sure I am getting married to a great guy and picking out a dress and planning an event for this summer where there will be cake and some dancing. That's an idea that I have been used to for 6 months. But woah. Leaving Argyle? And Gloria, Edith, Monica and Jim? (my plants) Leaving my veritable child, 2fresh, and my sister, Tanya, and our late night talks/mean girl brawls, and my black out blinds and walk-in closet? That took another 48-hours to get used to - for all of us.

Fast-forward another three-weeks after a grueling yet socially-intensive move and a few days of unpacking non-clothing items....

I dig it. Dig the place, the pool, the hot tub, the locale, the fact that I am living across from one of my besties (who I lived with before I bought my house). Yep, I could definitely do this for the next year. Then when J finishes his engineering degree and green construction certifications next spring, we will figure out what to do after that. Maybe back to Argyle, maybe somewhere else. We'll see. But for now I am just trying to summon the courage to conquer my boxes of clothes. Come help me/do it for me. Please? I'll make you dinner and we'll watch an Arrested Development marathon. Any takers?

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