Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mr.S Degree

Exactly one month ago I woke up married. There was a crazy week that ended with a two days of pictures, dancing, cake, friends, family, mountains of food and Spanx. There were some high notes, which included amazing performances and a few tears, and some lower notes, which may include the DJ playing Vanilla Ice and me forgetting to do my hair the day of the wedding. Thirty-one days later it's not anymore real than it was on day one. But I will say that for me, so far, the idea of marriage was a lot more scary than the practice. I live with a guy that I love, that takes care of me like I am the only one in the world, makes me laugh, lifts things that are too heavy, reaches things that are too high, sings me songs and let's me force him to watch The Bachelorette when the girls aren't around. Life is good. Really good. Call me the Mrs......but not for another six months or so, I am still trying to slowly wade into the titles.
Hot A bridesmaids.

An array of emotions

If could choose two people to be exiled on an island with...

Pretty Party

Friends and lovers. Thanks you guys!


G said...

aawww...how do you feel about the word husband? you have a Husband. Going home to the Husband hahaha

Angelina said...

The weekend was incredible and you were so calm!!! I'm so proud of you and loved every minute of it!!!

amy said...

you look beautiful tiff!! i'm so sad we couldn't make it. you don't even know. i hope some time soon i get to come to a girls' night and hear the whole story! (and ps, you know what title comes after mrs, right? it also starts with an "m".....)