Monday, May 14, 2012

It's not as bad as it looks.....

It's been a rough week despite the nearly perfect weather. Doing some yard work last weekend I awakened the heinous beast which can never be killed a.k.a. a hip misalignment born during my glorious shot-put discus years - and by glorious I mean luke-warm mediocrity. It comes around every year or so (this time two years to the day) brought on by the most random things like throwing a trash bag into a dumpster, shaving my left leg or trying to do a somersault. This time it was trying to start a lawn mower that threw my pelvis out of alignment. So Tuesday I went to the dreaded chiropractor and did the whole song and dance. After that I went in and out of a muscle relaxer fog for a few days, and as predicted by the chiro, I had to go back in for one more adjustment on Saturday. Well I have had two different people accompany me to get adjustments before, J and Taualai, and both have said it's pretty grueling to watch. I believe Lai described it as "it made me want to throw up." It's really rather painless when he does it, so I could never really believe that it looked all that bad. So on Saturday J went with me and decided to record it. You can actually hear it pop. My favorite is J's horrified whispered "oh my gosh" at the end.

So now it's just waiting for the soreness to ebb. I am looking forward to the moment this week when I can sit normally and put on pants without swearing. But it's not all bad. Last night I made this happen.
Yes, that would be my gentleman lover painting my toes. I mean really it makes sense. I actually think I am on to something here, I mean he does water colors on canvas so how can toes be all that different?

Anyway today, when I was feeling particularly annoyed about the situation, I watched this video that 2fresh posted.

Ya, ok I can get over a sore hip for a week. Thanks for giving me some perspective Arthur.