Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bam. That happened

Bargain shopping is like gambling. Once you start you can't get enough - especially at Bulward. Shopping Goddess Mele tipped me off to this place last year. Its major deals and this last Saturday you could spin a wheel to get up to 50 percent MORE off. I spun it and hit 50!! It was even more glorious because Toad was there to cheer me on and I got to actually see the bargain shopping addiction start to take hold in him. Excelllllllent.


Braden said...

I wanted to start a slow clap as soon as you landed the 50. Thanks for addicting me. The toad.

GLOBE_TREKKER 02 said...


jules said...

You would have never been able to keep your composure long enough for the slow clap. The only vision that fits my mind right now is high pitched "EEEEEEEEEHH!!"s of glee once that pointer hit the 50.