Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Tanya sent this to me and for the most part it totally rings true.......

But there are two exceptions: Hannah Fraser and Sara Blakely. I don't just admire them, I want to be them and I am super jealous and envious of them.

Hannah is a mermaid.

She can free dive 50 feet on a single breath of air, has a bangin body, swims with whales and dolphins on the regular and looks breathtakingly gorgeous doing it - way prettier than how I look 30 ft down in my SCUBA shorts and speedo, strapped with a BCD and regulator. Ugh. Dammit Hannah, your rock.

And then there is this billionaire hussy.

I applaud her entrepreneurial spirit and drive, as well as her creativity in "inventing" Spanx. But I WAS WEARING TIGHT BODY SHAPING BIKER SHORTS UNDER DRESSES SINCE I WAS 12. Why didn't I have Joan sew something up and run to the patent office 20 years ago??? Why? I admire you Sara, but it should have been me.


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