Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No...it's not a joke...it's real.

If you have ever wondered what it would look like if the most awkward people from your church decided to combine forces with the most annoying people at your work, a few of your old socially "off" high school teachers, and maybe a couple polygamists, to produce a news program? Well here ya go. When one of my friends first saw this sad little show she thought it was a joke or a news spoof. Not so. It's just incredibly awkward and embarrassingly amateur. I don't consider myself mean-spirited by nature, but I just couldn't keep this in any longer. There is nothing really distinctive about the clip below compared to other clips of their program but it will just give you a taste of what we are dealing with here. There is more on youtube if you care to torture yourself.


amelia said...

OMG. Now I thought you were overexaggerating the crapness of this program but DANG. TRAINWRECK.

So many things to comment on. That girl's extreme hand talking, for example. And the man's clothes - "ALL BROWN" really shouldn't be a fashion choice. And why did they use half of those interviews from the exhibit? "Child refusing to talk to the camera" really could have been edited out. Did they just make-up news about Bodyworlds being supposedly unethical? Does anyone watch this because they BEGGED for people to call in about six times and got 0 phone calls.

Dang. And now I'm obsessed and must check out YouTube.

Joe said...

Make it stop. I can never watch these guys on TV for more than a couple minutes. And now you've given me more than 9 minutes worth. I can't believe that the news director let this insane conversation go on for that long.

What I really wish is that these guys had an edit button.

Also, I'm pretty sure that the older guy is on the "We all live downstream" commercial.

Jacelle said...

no its true!! he totally is hahahaha!!