Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The first 25 of the .......

1. I love my friend Dave for not only giving me the idea but for being gracious when I beat him in his own endeavor.
2. People who can proudly sport Dave.
3. Power naps
4. Tetris - I have a SEVERE addiction
5. My new Wireless Apple Keyboard.
6. Guys that let women get on elevators and walk through doorways first.
7. Drugs that make me forget I have torn intercostal muscles
8. Drivers that move to a slower lane when you come up behind them going faster
9. A good back tickle
10. Purple
11. Tree Top Fruit Snacks
12. Doug Smeath
13. The Village Cobbler - he has made both my beloved Guess shoulder clutch and black Steve Madden wedges born anew
14. Getting evil shoulder knots worked out by massive man hands
15. My iPhone
16. Driving a rental car, or someone else's, for a while and then coming back to your own car and realizing how much you are still in love with it. I love you Abigale.
17. Pizza Factory
18. Muscular man pecs
19. A barely ripe, partially green banana
20. Propel
21. Jon Bon Jovi, a.k.a. mah baby daddy.
22. Nick a.k.a. my new Nikon D5000 SLR Camera that my work bought for me to use.
23. Camouflage anything. Don't let me, get me.
24. Braden Erickson...My baby bubbah and the funniest boy I know
25. The intoxicating smell of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent


doug said...

I'm trying to rein in my horror at being on a list with Jon Bon Jovi. Overall, I'm still extremely proud.

Amanda May said...

I'm truly shocked that Propel is #20.

mz_gibson said...

I didn't see teaching friends a certain what what as being listed as one of your most! email me " MY PROFESSOR" I dont have a celly and miss you tons!