Thursday, March 8, 2012

Work it, own it...

I'll admit I have no room to talk. On any given day my hair is probably more 67 percent more frizzy and I've been known to dress excessively frumpy from time to time. But if I was on national television I would probably have spruced it up a little more than Kaela Humphries did on her TV debut on the Kardashians. I think it struck me the way it did because I was certain she could be pretty damn fierce if she wanted to, even when up against those short Armenians.

So when I saw this I was like mmmm-hmmmmm that's what I thought. From "meh" to model. Called it.

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G said...

Oh wow that's really her? Gorgeous. Maybe she didn't feel like she had to be like them. They're always dressed up for just lying around the house