Tuesday, March 6, 2012

D-bags of the week

The Bachelor contestant Courtney

She's just a bad person. But what really pushed her d-baggery over the edge was now she is a bad person trying to masquerade as a suddenly nice girl now that media backlash from her assiness is getting too much. Fake apologies, fake crying...."I...I mean, these are real emotions here." Gross. It's one thing to just be a stupid girl on The Bachelor doing stupid things. But the crap she was capable saying and doing to undeserving women, regardless of the fact she was on national television, is just repugnant. I would dare say she is the worst in Bachelor history.

Kudos to the other girls for at least being smart enough to not buy all her crap.

Rush Limbaugh

I have spent as long as I can remember not acknowledging this waste even exists. (No offense Trevor. I am sure you love him). But his last disgusting mis-step is pretty hard to ignore. Although he gets a C for creativity in calling a woman who uses birth control a "slut" and "prostitute," and those who advocate for insurance coverage of birth control asking to be paid to have sex. I don't think the word "pig" does him justice but then again it's Limbaugh. At least he's taken a short break from racism.

Kudos to all the advertisers that have pulled from his program, as well as the stations that have finally dropped him due to uncontrollable d-baggery. Well done.

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