Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Glen Beck,

You're a train wreck. Shut the hell up.

The Informed Public


amelia said...

Story: One time I had to cover a Glen Beck speech at a single adults conference for a GA assignment at the paper. This was before he was really popular and they had no proper "press" area, so I sat in the back with my laptop. There, a crazed fan - Beckite? Glenny? Idiot? - approached me, who got PISSED at me for "Typing loudly." I asked him what he wanted me to do and he told me in so many words to go outside because my typing was ruining his experience. I told him "I'll type quieter," and then realized why he was still single at 35+.

From that day forward, I hated Glen Beck.

Another story (to accompany things you love): GJ has been renting a car for his work travel, and they gave him an SUV (they were out of the small cars he requested). Because it was blocking everything else in our driveway, we drove it Saturday night...and I promptly noted "I feel like an asshole in this car." It's just so BIG and pretentious. Man, did it feel good to be back in my small compact.

The end.

Jacelle said...

amelia ----- hahahahahahahahaha. I would love to see you driving that SUV