Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's gonna be a rough day

If you are enjoying a hearty breakfast of a Fiber One with peanut butter in your office while you are reading emails and you blindly reach for your full aluminum water bottle that you have just put a packet of Propel in, make sure you check that the top is on before you shake it. If the cap is NOT on water will get all over your person, in your hair, on your brand new Apple keyboard and mouse. Moreover you may or may not have to shut the lights off in your office so it looks like you are gone when you see someone you know, who will probably stop in to see you, walking through the main doors — that is if you don't want to explain why the entire right side of your body is doused in water. It will take you about two hours to fully dry and you will smell like kiwi strawberry all day.


ginalex said...

aww...i hope that didnt ruin your day. I think I would've hid underneath my desk til I cleaned everything up and dryed off. Dumb water bottle. How dare you not have a cap on. I can totally see myself doing that.

jules said...