Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heard on the train this morning....

A guy was asking this guy sitting next to me the following series of questions. The guy took it all in stride and answered all of the questioners very enthusiastic inquiries. But I had to look out the window a few times to hide the laughter...

What time is it?
What's your name?
What kind of a phone is that?
Well now what kind of phone color is that?
Where did you get it?
Will you get me one like that?
If I dip carrots in dressing will it affect my weight?
Do you like Red Lobster?
Do you know how to make a roast?
With carrots?
Do they have clock radios at Walmart?
How much are they?
What colors do they have?
Will you get me one?
What's in your bag?
Why do you have a red Mt. Dew?
Will you take me to lunch today?

1 comment:

jules said...

it really is a guarantee to be surrounded by weirdos everyday when you ride public transportation and work at a public school..... my God help you.