Friday, September 10, 2010

The next 25 of the.....

Ya, it has maybe taken me longer than I thought in this quest but I am getting there. Sprinkles and glitter for all!

26. Arrested Development - it paved the way for shows like The Office and Modern Family and was the best show on television before its untimely departure off the air.
27. People who say the word "splendid"
28. Zippo barbecue lighters
29. A good Mars Roll
30. Don Henley, circa 1989
31. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
32. Amelia's HILARIOUS blog -
33. McDonalds Hazelnut Iced Coffee - Thanks Ange for making me crave it fortnightly. You suck.
34. Bubble wrap
35. Super Mario Brothers. The first one. We just got it at my house. Changed my life.
36. Urban Campfires in my backyard
37. Colgate wisps. I have to discipline myself not to use more than two a day.
38. Lenny Kravitz. Love his style, love his bod, love his voice, love his music and LOVE his sexy.
39. 30 Rock. Laugh out loud hilarious.
40. Songs that can make me cry
41. Our new golf cart Jezebel
42. Guys that have a set of their own tools.
43. Simply Sushi in downtown SLC
44. Carlsbad State Beach
45. Costco Hot my everlasting shame
46. Toe socks in the winter. I don't like socks but Utah winters make them a must. But toes socks keep your feet warm while keeping your pigs free
47. RoundUp. Kills weeds on the spot
48. Rob Thomas Cradlesong Album
49. Butter Cream Frosting
50. Dayquil


PrincessAnna said...

I'm just waiting for my name to be on this list...

jules said...

i laughed at the roundup. your so domestic now... also. love the list... what i have seen thus far, at least.