Monday, October 4, 2010

Can we talk about skinny jeans?

Don't do it. Ever.

Thin Girls With Trim Legs:

Do. I'm not going to hate on you. You guys can pull off anything and make it work for you so get on with your bad selves.

Girls who don't have petite model bods:

I am not just popping off here. I have read what fashion experts have to say because I wanted to make sure that I wasn't out in left field. Indications are if you are "thicker, like sizes 12-14, "you can still pull them off but be choosy about which ones you buy." Woah wait. Excuse me? Size 12 is "thick??!!" Shoot. Vogue refused to acknowledge that anyone over a size 14 would even look at skinny jeans. Not that you should be a style slave to fashion magazines, but sometimes they know what they are talking about.

In short? If you're thick for real... Don't. Do. It. You are beautiful - true. A less than runway modelesque body shouldn't limit your style - true. But if you are strapping a tight pair of these things on when you can't pull it off it will straight up kill your look. Your cute bubble butt will look enormous, your deliciously thick and maybe muscular thighs and legs will look like tree trunks, and your hip width will be grossly exaggerated by the harsh taper. And you don't want that right? It's like bikinis. I, for one, cannot and should NOT ever even try to pull one off. Ever. But that doesn't stop me from rocking a hot halter one-piece at the beach. Hells ya. The same sentiment applies here. Do you, but do it right.

A Concerned Citizen of Fashionia


Tracy said...

LOVED this post--and agreed. AGREED.
Be beautiful in your own way wihtout being a slave to the fad.

amelia said...

...what about the thong hanging out the backend? That's a classy touch for any girl in skinny jeans!

jules said...

this is why i have decided to strike on pants all together. nudity is the new black, people!

Amanda May said...

How about girls who won't acknowledge their true size and still buy 8's when they are more like a 12...just sayin...the muffin top accentuated is disgusting...