Thursday, October 14, 2010

I was there..... kind of

Last night around 7:15ish the last miner was pulled from the Chilean mine that had caved in and trapped 33 men inside back in August. I was at the gym on the elliptical, white knuckled and watching the whole thing. But in retrospect, I did some things I regret.

Did I cry when they pulled Luis out, the last miner and the so called hero of the group? Yes

Was I able to stop crying? No, not for about three minutes.

Did someone say something about my emotional display? Yes. And I responded loudly (because I knew she wasn't the only one that noticed so I wanted to make sure everyone knew that I wasn't crying for personal reasons because then I would be "that girl with the sad life" and no one wants that) that they pulled out the last miner and it was an emotional moment.

Did I respond a bit overly annoyed when she said she had no idea what I was talking about? Yes, and I even said "seriously?!" rolled my eyes and pointed out it has been on the news for straight two months.

Did I then go into a long explanation of the situation and why it was so intense and emotional? Yes, and then I acted annoyed again when only one person acted like they cared.

Did I then cry again a few minutes later when the Chilean president was lovingly looking at Luis and thanking him for his heroism? Yes.

Do I wish I could take back those actions and/or avoid seeing those three women and weird dude that was probably only agreeing with me so I wouldn't cry any more? Yes.


Tracy said...

Don't be ashamed of your tears...I wasn't even watching it...I was **reading** about it online and got all teary, so you know, you're o.k.
Besides they are ill-informed you really care what they think? ;)

Kate said...

oh tiff i love you.

Grace said...

it's ok I cried too(: Calvin kept asking what happened what they were doing and I couldn't even talk. And when I tried I couldn't. I was such a bawl baby.

jules said...

hahahaha... ahh. sad i missed this display. sometimes i feel like you live in a witty sitcom.