Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eh..... I've had better

We were on a streak of some fairly good movies - The Fighter, The Kings Speech, and Just Go With It. But it was bound to end and was finally declared dead about 11:55 pm tonight.

Battle: Los Angeles. The name itself sounds more like a video game than a movie. But the movie had just about as deep a plot as your average video game. More importantly the story line of BLA has been done. Multiple times. Basically if you take the movie Independence Day back in '96 and give it a heavy sedative, you'll get Battle: Los Angeles. Really the only difference is in plot and character development. ID had it. BLA didn't. At all. In ID you cared when characters were offed, BLA you barely remembered who was who when they were killed, and even if you did you were ok with it because there were really no likable characters in the lot. ID had some moments where you'd get chills and were on the edge of your seat, BLA had moments when my fiance would start snoring. Moreover BLA had moments and scenes that ended up having no relevance to the movie whatsoever, and at the end, albiet exhausted and borderline bored, I was surprised and disappointed to see the credits rolling because there were SO MANY loose ends and unanswered questions.

My guess at one point there was a conversation that went like this:
Producer 1: We have been shooting for three months, are way behind and so far only basically have the combat scenes, that are awesome and expensive.
Producer 2: Well we are already over budget so find a way to make it work with what we have.
Producer 1: Ok

Aaron Eckhart gets an A for an awesome performance, being quasi-hot, and delivering the only compelling lines the entire movie.
Special effects and things that go boom get an A as well.
Battle/Combat scenes get a B+ because they were really good but hard to tell what was going on.
Story line: D -
Character Development: D
Plot Development D-

All in all I give it a C-

This has been this week's Reviews by Jacelle by Jacelle

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