Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Next 25 of.......

Ok. It's definitely been a long time coming but here is the third leg of the 100 things I love marathon. My goal is to stay on it daily and finish by May.

51. Nyquil
52. Kettlecorn from the fair
53. My new iPad, yet to be named
54. That boy on the bus that gave up his seat for a girl
55. The voice of Doraleen Martha Levao. It's like warm honey butter on a fresh scone after you come in from shoveling the driveway after a blizzard.
56. A Suze Orman verbal spanking.... and I am kind of obsessed with one day getting her approval.
57. Bud Light Real Men of Genius ads. Always hilarious, they've never let me down.
58. Zupas. I fell in love with soup all over again.
59. Pomegranates - especially in my oatmeal
60. My baby bro - the funniest guy in the world
61. Junior Malili
62. My 64 inch strand of freshwater pearls I got from J
63. My Apply magic trackpad. One you go track, you'll never go back
64. Laughing Cow cheese
65. Tissues with aloe and lotion in them
66. My roommate/child/karaoke goddess 2Fresh. Her gang signs, her poses, her healing touch, her dance moves, her hashbrowns. I love it all..
67. My black, manly grenade looking iPhone cover that has saved my iphone COUNTLESS times (this morning I dropped it on concrete stairs and it still works like a charm)
68. Valentines Day. Ok I know that sounds lame because, really if you were to ask someone what the ratio of good V-day's are to their bad/annoying ones, the latter would win out. But sue me. For the first time I got surprises, flowers, chocolates and jewelry all on one day. It kicked A. So ya, I stand by number 68.
69. Crossing things off To Do lists.
70. Kourtney Kardashian. Judge me, but I think she is funny and pretty.
71. The Allstate Mayhem guy. Funny and oddly hot.
72. David Sedaris Books. HILARIOUS
73. Cheeseballs....... to my everlasting shame.
74. Receiving packages in the mail. At one time my roommate and I had a competition to see who could have the biggest package delivered. She won with her overpackaged thigh high boots.
75. Getting a full 8 hours of sleep and waking up rested and refreshed without an alarm

See here for extended list


Elle and Clint Stallings said...

I think KK is funny and pretty too!

amelia said...

Did I ever tell you I was on the Suze Orman show? A videographer quizzed me and my sister in NYC on financial terms. I buddy texted me months later to tell me he saw us missing all the answers (wah wah).

Jacelle said...

Amelia...I am so freakin jealous!!! Do you have it recorded?? My dream is to go on there and have her give me an A for the "how am I doing" segment. I would die happy...

Jenilyn said...

If I had a list of 100 I and your writing would be on are hilarious.....I'm being serious about being hilarious.

Jacelle said...

Aww thanks j-lyn!