Thursday, November 26, 2009

The gods hate me.

"When life gives you lemons just say F the lemons, and bail"
Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This was how I spent my Thanksgiving morning, missing my 5K and sitting at Salt Lake International while Abigale sat there with what I can only guess is a broken starter. I really caused a scene. Being the "greeny" that I am I opted to turn my car off as I unloaded my sister-in-laws bags so she could get on her flight. After getting back in the car it wouldn't start. Fifteen minutes later Abigale, airport maintenance trucks and a massive tow truck (which you can't see in the pic because it is behind me) effectively blocked three car lanes, backing up Thanksgiving Day traffic for 10 minutes. Awesome. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wait wait is Thanksgiving....I mean it's no secret that I don't exactly LOVE this holiday, but can I really let it go down like that? Nay. Let's look at the things I am thankful for today:

1) Kick-A friends who at the drop of a hat came to the airport and plucked me out of the humiliation.
2) The fact that I have a car at all, even if she is a jerk to me on holidays.
3) Friendly airport maintenance men who cheerfully tried to help me even though they were deaf to my diagnosis that it WAS NOT THE BATTERY, but the starter, and tried to jump it anyway.
4) The fact I was wearing pants. Had I not been planning on going straight over to the 5K after I had dropped them off, there is a good chance I would be wearing what one friend describes as my "bring-all-the-boys-to-the-yard" green booty shorts and maybe a blanket or a sweatshirt. I live so close to the airport that sometimes I don't even bother to grab shoes.
5) My new bed, Alejandro Fernandez, named because it is as tempting as a seductive Latin lover. Speaking of, I think it's time for a pre-dinner nap.


Jenilyn said...

How are you not FAMOUS for your blogs yet? This needs to happen. You seriously make me laugh so hard! What's worse then SENDING someone off (instead of your self) just to return to your car and have it not start? I can't think of many things....good work keepin it cool!

amelia said...

Oh Tiffany. Your luck. This would happen to you.

Amanda May said...

At least you didn't get pulled over for speading or not using you signal....cops stayed away :) Think positive!

doug said...

Oh man, I heard about this little old lady who was flying to Tulsa for Thanksgiving to see her first granddaughter. She was 78 years old and was beginning to think her only son would never have a child, but finally he did, and she couldn't wait to meet the new grandbaby. But there was horrible traffic at Salt Lake International, and she missed her flight - the day's ONLY flight to Tulsa. She was so disappointed, she died of a heart attack right there at the Northwest Airlines desk - never to meet her sweet little grandchild. I'll bet that was your fault...

Just kidding.

That didn't happen.

I'm sad for your frustrations but happy for your sense of humor - and Alejandro! And I'm thankful for you! :)

Jacelle said...

Hahhahaha Doug you are mean lol. Leave it to you to spin that kind of yarn. hahahahaha. Love ya